Lovers Ritual Kit

Lovers Ritual Kit


Our magical Love Ritual Kit includes a 12oz Lovers candle, a charged rose quartz crystal, and sage bundle.

Imbued with the power of the Tarot’s enduring archetypes and symbols, each ritual candle from The Sphinx and the Priestess is handcrafted in Brooklyn using premium soy wax and natural, evocative scent blends. More than just a typical ritual flame, our candles align with the phases of the moon each with a charged quartz crystal and personal handwritten mantra to aid in manifestation.

Ritual Uses
Reconciling of opposites, attraction and love, balance, discernment, inspired synthesis.

Product Description
• Scent: Flowering shrubs, bitter citrus and dark wood base notes
• Color: Rich, creamy ivory
• Handmade, poured and packaged in Brooklyn, NY
• 100% Natural Soy Wax
• Burn time: 30-60 hours (approximately)
• 12oz single-wick candle
• 3" width, 4" height (approximately)
• Glass vessel
• 1 charged rose quartz crystal
• 1 sacred sage bundle

*Please note, our candles are crafted with intention to give you the tools with which to manifest your desires. How you work with the candles is entirely up to you and results are not guaranteed. 

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