Lovers Candle Duo

Lovers Candle Duo


The ultimate power couple: choose from these sexy 8oz ritual candle duos to take your manifestation to the max.

∞ The Lovers and Death ∞
To close a chapter romantically, to release and renew to allow new love to take hold, to break unhealthy patterns in an existing relationship or to lovingly support yourself as you purge habitual behaviors.

∞ The Lovers and Pentacles ∞
To conjure an abundance of love, to amplify self-love, to fortify a new or existing relationship, to infuse your work with love or to create and reinforce a loving relationship with your work.

∞ The Lovers and The Star ∞
To fall deeper in love with your spiritual practice, to trust yourself and your intuition, to infuse your romantic relationship with inspiration, to take a creative approach to love or to combine the spiritual and romantic realms.

Product Description
• Two (2) 8oz single-wick candles
• Color: Rich, creamy ivory
• Handmade, poured and packaged in Brooklyn, NY
• 100% Natural Soy Wax
• Burn time: 20-35 hours (approximately) per candle
• 2.75" width, 3.5" height (approximately)
• Glass vessel

*Please note, our candles are crafted with intention to give you the tools with which to manifest your desires. How you work with the candles is entirely up to you and results are not guaranteed. 

**Each candle is poured on new and full moons which could delay shipment by 7-10 days depending on stock.

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