Volume 2: Manifest on the Move with Ritual Travel Candles

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And splendid pre-summer blessings to you all.

It’s been a while since we’ve last checked in—and we apologize for the delay. Like many other facets of life, sometimes while you’re making big plans for progress and expansion unexpected and uncontrollable circumstances arise. While we’ve been planning really magical stuff to be revealed this fall, we had some major delays due to a studio move that took three months (!!!) and halted candle production. But, thank goddess, we are all moved in and back on track.

To commemorate our back-to-business status, we’ve brought back our much-loved and highly coveted Ritual Travel Candle sets. These 2-oz candles were crafted with the specific intention of manifestation on the move. Available as a set of our four Tarot Ritual Candles—The Lovers, The Star, Death, andPentacles—their easy-to-stash size makes traveling with them a breeze.

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Last year we brought a set with us to Italy’s Amalfi Coast and the results of our manifestation work were beyond magical. Looking out over the ocean while doing ritual was one of the most magical experiences and we plan on doing it again this year! We’d also like to add that all of the intentions we set during that new moon in Italy manifested within days.

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