Volume 1

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We hope that you are currently manifesting your perfect year into existence. We have been steadily buring a mix of Solstice, The Lovers and Pentacles in our studio and the results have been pretty epic.

We are so happy and humbled to be on this magical journey with each and every one of you. Our inbox and DMs are constantly filled with amazing feedback andempowering stories of how the candles have helped each of you initiate a shift. Please keep them coming!

As you all know, it’s the eve of one of the most loved/hated holidays—Valentine’s Day. While it’s a Hallmark™ holiday at best, this day doesn’t have to be a total fail. Similar to our Lovers candle, which, unlike the name suggests, is not only used for attracting romantic love, this day can be a celebration of self-love, the channeling of the divine feminine, sensuality, or the power of reconciliation.

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Classically, the meaning of The Lovers Tarot card isn’t only grounded in l-o-v-e. Ruled by Gemini, it’s the airy yet effortless reconciliation of oppositesand the ability to balance opposing forces. In a reading, it can denote the beauty of harmony, decisiveness, andthe power to claim ownership over a chosen path. Our candle uses the potent symbology and the scent profile associated with this iconic card as inspiration but we realize that love has many meanings. We both use this candle at different times for different reasons and have experienced sublime results with each burn. Similarly, we can claim Valentine’s Day as something different for everyone and embrace it, no matter your romantic status, as a time to really love hard—self-love, partner love, pet love, universe love, the possibilities are endless.


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