Amorous Attention: Devotional
New Moon Ritual

Love comes in many forms and flavors. So does the way we celebrate and honor it. If the saccharine-laced sentimentality of Valentine’s Day isn’t your jam (don’t worry, it’s not our thing either) we invite you to use the following day to create a loving sanctuary for self-devotion and intention-setting. Coincidentally, the Aquarius new moon (and partial eclipse) falls on Thursday, February 15. This is the perfect time to reappropriate this trite holiday and turn it into a powerful ritual. Here is our favorite new moon reverence, we hope it will be as magical for you as it is for us.

Let’s begin by setting the mood. It’s essential to create a calm ambiance that is both relaxing and stimulating. We suggest a playlist with your favorite songs, a lit candle (preferably The Lovers), an altar or crystal grid with your most-loved magic ephemera, and an optional glass of wine, tea, or tonic.

Let the serenity and clarity of your devotional space envelope you as you begin to think about the energy that you are seeking to attract and that which you choose to let go of.  

Next, grab a notebook and pen. Jot down three things you want to release on one page of paper. Be honest, be thoughtful, and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

After you have scribbled down the three things you want to release, close your eyes and envision yourself banishing those unwanted energies from your subconscious. Open your eyes, and as you bid them farewell, rip up the paper and either burn it or flush it down the toilet. We tend to opt for the latter--it’s a perfect metaphor for releasing that which no longer serves you.  

Finally, close your eyes again, and think about the energies that you are hoping to attract. Go deep here. Let yourself wander and get lost in the moment but always allow yourself to be guided by the desire to unlock the intentions that your subscious is yearning for. After you have done some exploration, write down three things that you want to attract. Once these have been written, take a sip of your beverage, say your intentions out loud, and end your ritual with the words, “and it is so.”

Place your intentions in a safe but easily accessible place. You want to interact with them and keep them as a reminder of what you’re hoping to conjure in. We recommend putting them on your mirror, computer, altar, vanity, or any other place that you’ll have constant contact with.

Look at them and read them frequently to make sure you’re inviting that new energy in.  

Sending so much love.

Make manifest,
Hayley + Whitney